Modern Slavery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




I really don’t know what the world is turning into……………I cry for humans just like you and I been sold into slavery in Libya for a price some people could use to buy a shirt or a pair of shoes…….I can’t stop my fast-beating heart from yelling but what can I do than write……..It could be me being sold into slavery. It could be you too. I cry for the black community……We have a right to our life. NO ONE should sell us……..We are NOT materials. We are HUMANS and we have the right to live and make our own decisions and not being sold out, beaten, raped, burnt, hanged…….I wail and I can’t stop because my heart is broken……I thought we have beaten slavery but NO…..You see your fellow humans beaten, burnt alive, stabbed, just for some hundreds of dollars and instead of helping, you buy them……A human buying another human!!!!……I could cry a river but would that help????? Some of these people(migrants) are only looking for greener pastures but instead of helping them, you sell them, kill them and do all sorts of wicked things to them. You open your doors to other continents don’t you?????? DO you sell them??????Are you not a country in AFRICA???????But instead, we are killing and selling our fellow African brothers and sisters…..

Where is the love????????????????????????????WHAT A SHAME!!!!!!!