My Picture-Perfect Man



When I was 15, I prayed that we meet when I’m 20, marry when I’m 24 and have our first kid when I’m 25. I started painting a picture of you in my head when I turned 18, and when I turned 20 I had the complete image of you “in my head.” I also had a beautiful plan for our wedding, our kids and our house.

It is now two years to our wedding and I have designed all there is to be on paper: our wedding invitations, our cake and the venue for our reception. Everything is well planned and almost ready but YOU are nowhere to be found…..Bae where are you? Where on earth are you? What are you doing right now?

Oh!!!!! My bad, I know you are working hard for your kids, I am too. But, who is the lady wasting your time? Hurry and break up with her because I know her. She’s just one of our wedding guests. Trust me, your bride(ME) is much more beautiful and has greater plans for you and our future together.

I forgot to mention, your outfit is ready. Of course, I know your size. The only body measurements needed to be taken care of  now, is that of your groomsmen . My maids of honour outfits are ready too. Like I said, everything is prepared but YOU. You might not know who I am now, but the first time you set your eyes on me, you”ll know you’re my GROOM.

Come to me my groom, I’m waiting

Love, from your beautiful bride

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