My Mom, My Strength

A mother is a foundation…….Sit back, relax and see what happens to the mother here


On that rainy day, It was exactly like today but a year ago. I woke up feeling all sick and toxic. I could not but stay in bed even though I had work that morning. Noticing that she didn’t hear the sounds  I usually make and of course my morning music ritual before leaving to work, I heard my mom’s footsteps as she walked into my room screaming “you this girl, stand up and go to work” I was so weak that I couldn’t respond. My mom placed her palm on my forehead and screamed “why didn’t you call my phone.” She immediately rushed to my bathroom and came out with my towel and a bowl of cold water. She soaked the towel into the bowl and placed the soaked towel on my forehead. She sat beside me and waited for my fever to go down. Then, she quickly went to make some porridge for me. She fed me and made sure I finished the whole bowl . 30 minutes later, I slept off in her arms like a baby and after 2 hours, I woke up feeling all better and refreshed.  I went into the kitchen and my mom was making lunch for me. “My baby, do you feel better?” she asked touching my forehead to feel for my temperature. I told her I felt better and she gave me chicken soup with rice. Thats my favorite meal. I was going to reach for my phone and call my boss but my mom already did. With my mom around, I do not need a doctor. She is my personal doctor and nurse. She gives me strength and she means a lot to me. I was able to go to work the next day. I got back home to my mom cooking me dinner, she was making pasta and grilled shrimps but she didn’t look too good. I knew something was……. To be continued

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